Imprinting Options & Services
Foil Colors
On Cloth
On Leather
Replacing a Name
Cover Decoration
Imprinting or Hot foil stamping refers to the art of adding Titles and names to a volume.

Basic imprinting is included and your name is included on any cover we make. Orders for Imprinting only  are also welcome such as adding your name on your book.

Debossing is also an option.
Imprinting on Leather
Imprinting on leather gives it a rich beauty. Most leather surfaces take to imprinting very well. Some coatings, however, can make it a challenge.

Note to you hunters: Deerskin makes a nice flexible cover but does not imprint well.



Imprinting, also known as hot foil stamping provides identification of the volume -- title & author. You can personalize it by adding your name.

Imprinting also adds beauty and decoration to your book. Divider bars on the spine, and ornaments along with color give a rich appearance. Gold and silver are most common although other colors are available including white, black and blue.
In years gone by, imprinting  was done by heated hand-held tools, using gold leaf.

Now it is done using an imprinting machine which presses heated type or a die onto the surface using colored foil or gold leaf.

Movable letterpress type is used to form Titles and names.

Debossing looks great on certain leathers while on others ( mainly on darker colors) it hardly shows. Also letting the impression brown make a beautiful effect on some tan leathers but some tan leathers will not brown. Sometimes a brown foil can provide a similar effect.
The imprinter makes an impression in the cover material without using colored foil.

Debossing can give your volume a unique look. It can also add an antique appearance depending on the cover material.
Hot stamping foils come in a variety of colors. Most common are gold, silver, black and white. 23 Carat gold is also available. Sometimes the color is chosen for contrast.  We also have a brown foil that looks great on some light brown or tan leathers.

If the book edges are gilded, as many Bibles are, the foil color is chosen to match.

Leather books are normally imprinted in gold or silver.

23 carat gold is available upon request for an additional charge.
It is possible to remove a name or other imprinted item and replace it with a new one.
The results, however, are varied. Background color, surface texture and age of the original impression all affect the outcome.
Imprinting on Cloth
Book cloth is manufactured for imprinting and we match the foil color and font to your specifications or to best enhance the appearance.